Hempline, operating as Stemergy: North America's leading producer of hemp fibers

Hempline Inc. now operating as Stemergy: Renewable Fibre Technologies

Hempline Inc., the pioneer of the Canadian industrial hemp fibre industry and a leader in the development of renewable fibres, is now operating under the name Stemergy: Renewable Fibre Technologies. The new name reflects the Company's shift into additional fibres such as flax and the development of an integrated value added chain that extends from agronomics through to novel composite products. The name change also signals a new day for the Company which has operated in Southern Ontario since 1994, as it looks towards several exciting new opportunities on the horizon.


Founded in 1994, Hempline (now operating as Stemergy) is North America's leading producer of hemp fibers suitable for a wide range of applications. At our facility near Delaware, Ontario we extract and refine the two main hemp fibers from our locally grown hemp stalks. Our hemp fiber products are highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. The primary hemp fiber from the outer portion of the hemp stalk is an ideal reinforcement in composites. The core hemp fiber from the inside of the stalk makes an excellent material for horse bedding, garden mulch or as a filler in composites. We welcome new inquiries for the use of our hemp fiber products and aim to provide you with a solution to your natural fibre needs.

Suppliers of hemp fiber to composite manufacturers

Demand for renewable bio-fibers such as hemp and flax are quickly accelerating