Hempline, operating as Stemergy: North America's leading producer of hemp fibers

Hemp Fiber is Highly Versatile

Both the core of the hemp stalk and the long fibres on the outside of the stalk, called primary hemp fiber, can be used for a wide range of applications. The good performance and cost effectiveness of both of these hemp fibers lend themselves to new or existing applications were alternative fibre solutions are required. With the rising cost of many existing non or semi renewable based resources, hemp fiber is quickly becoming the fibre of choice for a cost and performance conscious consumer interested in a more sustainable approach.

Core Hemp Fiber Applications:

The core hemp fiber, a spongy, absorbent material can be produced in a number of particle sizes. The applications extend beyond animal bedding and garden mulch to include specialty fillers in consumer and building products. Core hemp fibre is becoming popular in lightweight concrete in the fast growing green building industry. If you have a new product application in mind we are pleased to supply you with samples, and can ship our core hemp fibers to any location in North America or beyond upon request.

Primary Hemp Fiber Applications:

The primary hemp fiber is well known for its high tensile strength and stiffness. The modern applications for primary hemp fiber are as a reinforcing fiber in composites. The primary hemp fiber does equally as well with plastic binding systems using thermoplastic and thermoset resins. The primary hemp fiber is also being used more recently with plaster and cement. These hemp fibers also can be used for the production of specialty pulp and paper. The primary hemp fibers are available in different staple length, purity and can be packaged according to the requirements of the end applications. Due to the large number of existing and future end uses, the primary hemp fiber may in fact be used in a product you are not event aware of. We can make samples of primary hemp fiber available in a range of formats, including custom made hemp fibers according to your specifcations.

Have a New Application Idea for Hemp Fiber?

We welcome your inquiry for new ideas or questions on how to utilzie hemp fiber in your product or process. Given the many years of epxerience Hempline has in creating new applications for hemp fiber we are happy to assist you with your project, large or small. We may even be able to help you find a researcher working with hemp fiber in your area of interest, or a possible supplier of fiber that has been converetd into a format that will work in your process. Please contact us so that we can provide you with samples of our hemp fiber for your product development.

Please check back fro time to time at our site as we will try to post new applications for hemp fiber as new information and value added opportunites become available. The applications for hemp fiber are limited only to your imagination!

primary hemp fiber and thermoset resin composite Hemp fiber and polypropylene based nonwoven hemp fiber based pulp and pulp sheets