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Hemp Fiber Nonwoven and Felt

Primary hemp fiber is an excellent raw material for the production of different weights and formats of nonwoven and felt materials. Hemp fiber can easily be integrated into existing nonwoven production systems that utilize either an air-laid or card-based web forming systems, with either needle punch or thermo–setting methods used to hold the nonwoven together.

Different densities and thicknesses of the nonwoven can be achieved according to the end application. Common weights for hemp fiber based nonwovens range from 400 g/sq.m. to 3,000 g/sq.m. or above. Hemp fiber is often blended with a variety of materials including other natural fibers and synthetic fibers such as polypropylene or polyester in order to achieve different performance criteria for the nonwoven.

The use of hemp fiber in nonwovens or felt dates back many years as a stuffing material for horse and buggies seats, and in modern times as the substrate for molded automotive composites. The rising cost of synthetic based fibers has increased the demand for natural fibers such as hemp fiber. The use of hemp fiber in the production of nonwovens is a tried and proven application for many different products.

Applications for Hemp Fiber Nonwoven and Felt

To find out more about using hemp fiber in a nonwoven application please contact us for samples and further product information.

Hemp fiber and polypropylene based nonwoven Hemp fiber nonwoven used for automotive composites