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Could hemp nanosheets topple graphene for making the ideal supercapacitor?
August 12th, 2014

Scientists are reporting that fibers from the plant can pack as much energy and power as graphene, long-touted as the model material for supercapacitors

Natural fibre insulation - benefiting the built and natural environment
August 31st, 2011

The environmental impact of modern buildings is cause for increasing concern, as is the occurrence of Sick Building Syndrome. Natural Fibre insulation has the potential to help reduce these factors.

The Kestrel is the World's First Production-Ready Hemp Car
February 23rd, 2011

The Kestrel is a three-door hatchbackand is made of a hemp composite as strong as the fiberglass in boats, yet incredibly lightweight.

Plain sailing for flax…
February 22nd, 2011

A boast called the Araldite, the first racing boat to incorporate 50% flax fibres impregnated with epoxy resin, crossed the finishing line of the Mini Barcelona single-handed boat race.

Hemp homes are cutting edge of green building
September 12th, 2010

The use of hemp in building construction reflects an increasing effort to make U.S. homes not only energy-efficient but also healthier.

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