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Marcal Paper – Taking "Small Steps" in the Green Revolution, With Big Results
November 23rd, 2009

"We Save Trees" is the motto emblazoned on a pin attached to the shirt of Marcal Paper Mills' CEO Tim Spring, a leading paper recycler.

House of straw passes fire test
November 19th, 2009

A house built from straw-bales and panels of hemp has passed an industry standard fire safety test which exposed it to temperatures above 1,000C.

Housemade from Straw-bale Panels Pass Fire Resistance Test
November 19th, 2009

Research professionals from the University of Bath conducted a fire resistance test on a pre-fabricated panel incorporated in the Balehaus@Bath building material derived from renewable sources.

Rapid growth in hemp-based construction
November 17th, 2009

Speaking at the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp from November 4-7, Claude Eichwald of French organisation Construire de Chanvre, said that the use of hemp in concrete was growing, with between 2-4,000 houses now constructed completely from hemp concrete.

Ford continues to explore & open doors for greener materials
November 17th, 2009

Ford Motor Company, working with academic researchers and one of its suppliers, is the first automaker to develop and use environmentally friendly wheat straw-reinforced plastic in a vehicle.

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