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Hemp Chips

About HempChips™

HempChips™ are a naturally absorbent, porous cellulose fibre extracted from the core of the hemp stalk and is ideally suited as animal bedding.

Hemp is being grown commercially again in Canada. Harvested for the long slender fibres on the outside of the stalk, it is used for applications in textiles, composites and paper. The core of the stalk is used for animal bedding, garden mulch and building materials. Hemp is an annual plant that grows from seed.

HempChips™ are an entirely natural renewable resource grown without pesticides and processed without chemical additives. HempChips™ are biodegradable and decompose rapidly into quality compost because they originate from an annual plant. They are not palatable to horses due to their limited nutrient content.

People using HempChips™ are always amazed by its absorbency, which result in reduced labour and material usage. Wet areas tend to be smaller and noticeable less often. HempChips™ are easy to use and cost effective, with a monthly usage cost similar to bagged shavings.

Great care has been taken to clean and refine each bag of HempChips™ to ensure a consistent product. We have removed the dust and spores from the HempChips™ through a unique dust extraction process. HempChips™ absorb ammonia, helping to reduce odour. You will find that HempChips™ provide a very clean stable environment due to the dust extracted and ammonia absorbing qualities.

HempChips™ are available in compressed plastic bags and being distributed through out Ontario.