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Frequently Asked Questions about HempChips™

Can you legally grow hemp in Canada?

In March of 1998, Health Canada announced and implemented a commercial licensing system for hemp. Farmers can now grow approved varieties of hemp. Hemp grows well in many regions of Canada that currently support agriculture. See Hempline's "About Hemp" section for more information.

Which part of the plant does HempChips™ come from?

HempChips™ are produced from the porous, absorbent core of the hemp stalk. They are cleaned to remove dust and dirt and selected for uniform size range of approximately 1/4" thick, 3/8" wide by 1" long. The leaves from the plant fall off in the field, returning most of the nutrients that the plant extracts from the soil.

Are HempChips™ a new product?

No, hemp has been used as a horse bedding in France for more than 20 years. In the last decade, as the cultivation of hemp increased in other countries, such as England, the use of hemp bedding has expanded significantly. Due to its high absorbency, limited dust content and ease of use and disposal, hemp is considered a premium bedding in Europe. The Queen of England beds her horses down on hemp.

What does "dust-extracted" mean?

"Dust-extracted" is the term that refers to the removal of dust and small particles of contaminants from the material. At Hempline Inc. we have developed a unique process to ensure that every bag of HempChips™ has had the dust removed.

How absorbent are HempChips™?

The core of the hemp stalk is renowned for its absorbency. There are microscopic pores in the material that allow it to absorb liquid very easily. We have found in our trials that one bag of HempChips™ will last up to 5 to 7 days, in comparison to other bedding product that must be changed every day.

Will my horse eat HempChips™?

HempChips™ are a cellulose based material with few nutrients in them so they are unpalatable to horses. A horse that is eating its bedding usually indicates other problems such as a deficiency in their diet or boredom. Consult your veterinary for potential solutions.

Are HempChips™ natural?

Yes, HempChips™ are produced from the core fibre of the annual plant, hemp and as such is a natural renewable resource. We are not using pesticides on the hemp when it is grown, and no chemicals are used during the processing the HempChips™.

Can I mix HempChips™ with other beddings?

We do not recommend mixing HempChips™ with other bedding for the simple reason that you will not fully realize the product benefits. If you mix HempChips™ with a dusty or non-absorbent bedding then you will still have problems associated with the other bedding. Therefore when starting a stall with HempChips™ we recommend you clean the stall out of all other bedding.

Are HempChips™ good for other animals?

Yes, HempChips™ can be used on a range of animals - large and small - from rabbits and hamsters to horses.

Are HempChips™ available in bulk?

No, HempChips™ are not available in loose bulk orders. We have packaged it in compression packed bags so that we can fit more material on a truck and cost effectively distribute it to a larger area. If you are interested in large orders of bags, please contact us.

How much will I use?

You will require 4 bags of HempChips™ to start a 12ft. x 12ft. stall. After laying your initial bed of HempChips™, you will go through one bag every 5 to 7 days, depending on the horse and the amount of time it spends in the stall.

Is it cost effective?

Due to the high absorbency of HempChips™ you will not use as much material as you would with other bedding products. For this reason you have less labour and disposal costs. The overall monthly usage costs with HempChips™ is comparable to bagged shavings.

13. Where can I buy Hemp Chips?

HempChips™ are now being distributed throughout Ontario at a range of retail locations. Please see the distribution list for further information about buying HempChips™.

If you have any other questions that have not been covered here, please contact us. We are happy to answer them.