Hempline, operating as Stemergy: North America's leading producer of hemp fibers

Primary Hemp Fiber

All of the primary hemp fiber produced and sold by Hempline is made from hemp grown without pesticides and processed without chemicals. The hemp fiber is a uniform natural golden colour typical of field retted stalks. Hemp fiber has a moisture regain of 12% and excellent fiber strength. The primary hemp fiber is pressed into high compression bales to minimize transportation costs.

The primary hemp fiber is available in commercial quantities or by the individual bale and can be shipped internationally. Samples of our hemp fiber are available for testing upon request. The pricing varies based on the fiber specifications, and is comparable or more cost effective than many natural and synthetic fibers. Hempline primary hemp fiber is available with the following specifications and features:

Please contact us for primary hemp fiber info or samples.

primary hemp fiber as produced by Hempline Inc. primary hemp fiber shown pressed in mill size bale