Hempline, operating as Stemergy: North America's leading producer of hemp fibers

Hempline Inc. now operating as Stemergy: Renewable Fibre Technologies

Delaware, Ontario, Canada (December 6, 2006) . Hempline Inc., the pioneer of the Canadian industrial hemp fibre industry and a leader in the development of renewable fibres, will begin operating under the name Stemergy: Renewable Fibre Technologies. The new name reflects the Company's shift into additional fibres such as flax and the development of an integrated value added chain that extends from agronomics through to novel composite products. The name change also signals a new day for the Company which has operated in Southern Ontario since 1994, as it looks towards several exciting new opportunities on the horizon.

"Stemergy is positioning itself to not only supply a range of renewable fibres that perform better than traditional energy intensive materials, but the Company is moving in exciting directions related to the creation of new products and value added technologies" said Company president and founder Geofrey Kime, P.Eng.. It should be noted that Stemergy has developed a new infrastructure for producing renewable fibres that extends from seed, through agronomics, processing, and into a variety of end markets.

In the era of rising fossil fuel and energy prices, using annual plants to efficiently and quickly convert solar energy and green house gases into useful materials makes economic sense. "We are heading into a new economy where renewable materials will continue to replace old style energy intensive materials and processes. Stemergy intends to extend it's leadership position in the renewable fibre technology sector. We are very excited about the Company's future growth prospects" commented Mr. Kime.

Hempline Inc. (now operating as Stemergy) was formed in 1994, and in that same year became the first company to grow industrial hemp for research purposes since the 1940's. The Company has successfully developed and operated a large R&D facility at Delaware, Ontario since 1998 and has created technology and expertise for extracting and refining the fibres in stem fibre plants. The Company has established a range of new markets and customers for its products and is presently expanding its capacity to meet growing demand.


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